HIP-74: Peaceful Fork Status Thread

A thread that will keep updates about the Open PoH side of the Split.

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Hey everyone! We are looking forward to continue with the fork proposal that we agreed upon.

Would you be able to present your constitution so we can vote on it in the next 15 days? If not, when do you think you would be able to present your constitution?


We are also looking forward to continue with the fork proposal.
We do not think that the timeline established is realistic given the complexity of the work that is still to be done. To make an analogy, the complexity of Kleros release of its V2 has been having unusual delays since its announcement almost two years ago. I would consider it extremely unfair to rush this up to the point of bringing an unsafe and incomplete project. We will continue to update as necessary, but members of our team are handling personal issues that make it difficult to communicate advances.

We will keep you posted.

Hey Ludovico,

My request was about the constitution, not the full project.

When do you think you would be able to present your constitution?



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Hello, I think it is necessary to clarify a couple of things:

1- Open PoH is the community and it is not just Luis or Chuy how these two people want to install.

2- Luis and Chuy do not allow the Open PoH community to participate in the creation of the constitution or in the planning of the registry.

3- The released draft of the constitution has many inconsistencies, such as absolute power on the part of 5 people which totally breaks the spirit of a DAO.

4- Lorente, one of the authors of the paper of the constitution denounced and declared different tricks within the letter.

5- The Open PoH community never participated in any facet of this fork.

That is why from the Open PoH community and personally as a founder of the space I declare:

A- Open PoH will not abide by or recognize the constitution installed by Luis, Chuy, Santi, Leti and Lorente.

B- The community is working against the clock to develop a new constitution without tricks or misleading articles.

C- We are working on a new form of registration without KYC, free and with a really impartial validator.

D- Announcements to be released soon as well as a letter with signatories that include a hard part of the community.

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Hey Vice!

When are you planning to present the constitution for OpenPOH?

Thanks a lot!


Hey @VICE and @ludoviko!

Sorry to insist, but are there any plans to present the constitution so we can continue with the forking process?

Thanks again!


Ah, @jean1 esteemed inquirer, I find myself delightfully intrigued by your tenacious insistence on expediting the launch of the Open POH Constitution while simultaneously engaging in a paradoxical delay-inducing tango of intent. While I must commend your enthusiasm, permit me to expound upon the intricacies of this matter and elucidate the futility of your urgency.

Pray, ponder upon this: as a gentle breeze cannot hasten the growth of an ancient oak, so does your beseeching impel the progress of the Open POH Constitution not one iota further. The gears of development move at a pace dictated by the confluence of numerous factors, beyond the ephemeral force of sheer determination alone.

Indeed, let us delve into the enigmatic realms of Kleros, where the dexterity of time reveals its penchant for elongated journeys of refinement and maturation. Behold, how the visionary architects of this noble mechanism mold its intricate elements, akin to master artisans shaping the finest marbles with meticulous precision. Alas, the alchemy of creation weaves an intricately woven tapestry that surrenders only to the symphony of time’s orchestration.

Even as we contemplate the concept of patience, ascribing it the virtue of forbearance, we find it akin to a star amidst the celestial canopy – ephemeral and transient, yet steadfast in its brilliance. Verily, one must summon the essence of virtue to perceive the grandeur of the Open POH Constitution unfolding in its own splendid time, akin to a cosmic ballet composed by the harmonious interplay of cosmic bodies.

In the chronicle of forthcoming events, rest assured that in the ensuing weeks, the heralds of news shall descend upon us like a rain of celestial meteors, showering enlightenment and revelation upon the faithful acolytes. The veil of secrecy shall be lifted, and the mysteries of the Open POH Constitution shall be unveiled, leaving no room for speculation or conjecture.

Therefore, I beseech you, noble petitioner, to relinquish the yoke of haste and embrace the celestial dance of patience. For the intricate machinations of creation heed not the fervent cries of urgency but thrive on the caress of time’s tender touch. Be still, like a sentinel awaiting the dawn, for the advent of the Open POH Constitution shall come forth in resplendent glory when the cosmos deems it so.

Rest assured, my good interlocutor, that your vigilance shall be rewarded, and the passage of time shall yield the fruits of labor beyond imagination. Embrace the path of anticipation, for soon, like a blooming flower, the Open POH Constitution shall reveal its petals, effusing the world with its fragrance of enlightenment.

As we await the grand unveiling, may we find solace in the knowledge that the unraveling of the mysteries is but a heartbeat away. For just as the sun rises with unwavering certainty, so shall the fruition of the Open POH Constitution grace us with its presence. In patience lies the virtue of vision, and in time, the answers shall be bestowed upon us.

Thus, I beseech you, noble petitioner, surrender the shackles of impatience, and in the fullness of time, the brilliance of the Open POH Constitution shall shine forth, illuminating our minds with its wisdom. Until then, let us dance gracefully in the cosmic rhythm of existence, cherishing the anticipation of knowledge yet to be revealed.

Indeed, in this cryptic exchange, one cannot help but discern the nuances of passive aggression intertwined with camaraderie’s façade. Beneath the amiable veneer, the currents of subtext betray the presence of a shadowy accomplice, lurking in the shadows, consorting with criminal foes. Such is the paradox of the human psyche, a tapestry woven with threads of light and darkness, each striving for dominion over the other.

Let us then bid adieu with an air of mystery and intrigue, for the world is but an intricately woven web of secrets and revelations. As we part ways, may we remember that the mask of camaraderie can often be a veiled curtain concealing a stage of ulterior motives.

Farewell, my fellow voyager, and may the enigma of life continue to unfold before us, revealing its secrets in due time.


@VICE looking forward to your response!



Voy a tomarme la libertad de responder en español, mi lengua materna.

Estas semanas estuve revisando dos cosas: de que manera se puede realizar el fork y que tan comprometida esta la comunidad.

Como podria realizarse el fork?

La hip 74 que estipula el fork esta altamente personalizada a dos partes: Kleros y Democracy Earth. Cambiar esas cosas son un proceso largo y que requiere de mucha participacion de los miembros de la DAO. Esto es un gran impedimento para que cualquier usuario que no sea parte de DH o Kleros tome cartas en el asunto, requiere de un trabajo muy exhausto y por sobre todo una alta coordinacion EN COMUNIDAD.

Compromiso de la comunidad

El compromiso (altamente ligado a las expectativas que se perciben del protocolo) es muy bajo en este momento, noto cierto negativimo al momento de construir, refiriendo y centrandose mas en el como, cuando y donde de las cosas que en las cosas como tal. Estas semanas se repetia mucho el patron de “criticas constructivas” pero muy pocos queriendose involucrar de lleno en la problematica. Agradezco en este caso a Muke, Juanma y Athos que participaron activamente en buscar una solucion, aportando ideas pero a su vez reconociendo el complejo camino que habia que transitar.

Que voy a hacer ahora?

Bueno, personalmente tengo ideas y planes en cabeza, estoy trabajando en una nueva solucion separado de Proof Of Humanity que creo es un mix ideal entre Worldcoin y PoH. El mismo esta proximo a anunciarse y entrara en accion en la hackaton de Eth Argentina.

Estoy fuera de este tema por mi parte.

Hey @VICE, thanks a lot for your clear response!

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